Toon Up!

background ...

All across America, people are losing their jobs ... homes are being foreclosed ... and life is becoming really uncertain!  It’s gotten so bad, some people aren’t even sure who they are any more!  If you know anyone like this, maybe it’s time for a good, ole-fashioned Toon up!

Caricature ...

We caricature on purpose!!!   We use caricature “in” all things and “on” all things.  Here’s the point:

“In life, you either do what you are, or you risk becoming what you’re doing!” 

Most people don’t have a clear vision of who and what they really are.  Many just go through life doing things that don’t fit them.  And they end up unhappy with the outcomes.

A lot of people live for Fridays and weekends and holidays.  They look forward to the day when they can retire and finally do what they really wanted to do.  Pretty soon, their lives become a caricature of who and what they really are.  it only vaguely resembles the real person.  It’s like they became someone else.

the toon up ...

What’s “Toon Up?”  It’s humor!  It uses “identity” to point to genius.  And it inspires. 

to get on track and stay on track, you’ve have to know who you are!  You also have to know where you’re going ... and how you’ll get there. 

Toon up! can’t do all that for you!  But it will make you laugh and think.  And it might help you Unlock your identity and unleash your god-given “genius potential!”

activities ...

Franko and the crew travel the country to motorcycle rallies, trucker events, and other gatherings.  We draw cartoons and talk to people about caricature, identity,and uncovering their hidden genius!   

the crew can usually be found out on America’s highways, riding their scoots (motorcycles) and delivering “the Gospel message!”

the invitation ...

Everyone needs a Toon up! ... are you ready yet?

Who are these characters?  Who are you ... really?

Everyone Needs a “Toon up!” ...

Name: “Franko”
(Frank Lengel)

Location: USA

Vocation: Caricature Artist

Favorite Gig: Riding motorcycles & Drawing caricatures (Scoot, boogy, & draw)

if i had a super power it would be: To help others know themselves better!  Most People have real genius potential!

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Toon Up!

People who serve other people every day!  Those are the real heroes!!!
Do you serve other people?  Are you a hero?  You can be!  You should be!
It’s never too late for a “Toon Up!” in your life!!!  It’s never too late to tap into the genius in you!